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Jewelry Web Redesign Practice


概述 Overview

Bluelace是日本千葉縣一間地方小型珠寶飾品店。我在日本打工度假期間在其任職平面設計與電商平台管理的工作。在工作期間發現 Bluelace官網介面設計上,對於商品展示的曝光度較低,想藉此機會重新設計形象首頁與商品一覽頁的排版。為Bluelace的品牌意象與商品做到最好的曝光與平衡。

Bluelace. is a jewelry atelier which is located in Chiba-ken, Japan. I've worked as graphic designer and online shop manager during working holiday in Japan. I found that it is less product awareness at Bluelace. official website. I redesigned the layout of homepage and product category page that tried to make better balance between brand imagery and product awareness.  

現況挑戰 Present Challenge


目前的 Bluelace官網首頁視覺著重在店家的品質理念與工匠技術的展現,商品一覽的字體與外框排版較為繁複難以閱讀,另外在視覺色調上亦有不統一的狀況;在商品一覽頁則有分類不明確及廣告 banner過多不易搜尋商品的情況。

Current homepage emphasizes the corporate identity and craftsman’s skill. It’s difficult to read product introductions due to complicated fonts and layouts.It’s inconsistency color and style on the homepage; besides, there are too much unclear classifications and advertisement banners that it’s not easy to search products on product category page. 

風格 Style

Style Guide_re1.png

為襯托 Bluelace 主打的珍珠與金飾飾品,以簡潔、乾淨、線條為主,以白、金色為主色調搭配日本七寶符號點綴,以襯托飾品的質感。字體則使用ヒラギノ明朝,有著傳統與現代兼容的設計感與可易讀性。

To bring out the beauty of pearl and gold accessories, the design style is simple, clear and linear. The primary colors are gold and white which are matched with Japanese symbol, shichihou. I used Hiragino Mincho which is a traditional, modern and readability typeface. It also has design sense.

設計 Design




On homepage, I sorted the product introductions upper and added the product category buttons to increase product awareness. In addition, I decrease the banners to focus on reading more comfortable on product category page. I classified products as accessory types that helps to search products easier.

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